26 October 2010

Q&A: Vintage Jewelry

In our very first Q & A, a reader asks, "Are you a fan of vintage jewelry and if so, what's the best source?" Without a doubt I am a fan!

Creations from the past continue to and forever will inspire future designs. Among the most amazing vintage jewelry are designs by Miriam Haskell. A collaborator with CoCo Chanel, Miriam’s handcrafted pieces were one of a kind. CoCo and Miriam were among a new class of independent women who began their careers designing jewelry to complement high fashion clothing in an exclusive market.

Miriam opened her first boutique in 1926 and her brand continues to create new and vintage-inspired pieces to this day. The old, original pieces are very hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to locate at an antique show or online, you’ll probably pay a pretty penny; the really unique pieces only appreciate in value.

Explore the Miriam Haskell brand online at www.miriamhaskell.com and keep your eyes open when you’re out & about at your favorite antique shops! And here's a tip... I learned that Miriam Haskell designers have joined forces with JCrew to create some exclusive designs so be sure and check that out.

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  1. Judson,
    Such great taste in vintage jewelry you have! This lady was a pioneer and a huge inspiration for me in my designs!!! LOVE her! Thanks for the nice post.