06 December 2010

For The Guys: Fun Finds

Stylish items for guys.  Harder to come by than those for the ladies, but they're out there!  Whether it be a piece for the interior, wardrobe or maybe an item for work or play... with just a bit more effort into the search you really can find cool things.  Below are some of my favorite dude items I've found recently. 

Sport Shower Curtain

Vintage-style varsity accoutrements embellish this fun, distinctive shower curtain in a soft, unbleached poly cotton/canvas.  Water and mold-resistant.  Great for the sophisticated gentleman, unique graphic art buff or vintage sports lover.
Available at www.izolashower.com

Helpful hint... Izola is having a sale on some products at OneKingsLane until 12/6 at 11am.  Click here to visit: www.onekingslane.com

Slim University Coat

This popular JCrew coat recently got a more modern fit, updating its fit to be a slimmer, longer look.  With a great ultrasoft wool exterior and quilt lining, this can be found at www.jcrew.com

Leather Clairevivier iPad Case

Made of 100% naturally dyed italian leather, this iPad case will snuggly and stylishly protect your iPad from the elements and the dangers of light travel.
Grab yours at www.theory.com 

Delusion Hurricane Knitted Sweater

Draped layered neck with a textured finish and relaxed fit, this sweater offers a unique silhouette that almost has the appearance of a scarf.  Such a great edgy, modern menswear piece. 
Find online at www.asos.com

The Best Undershirt In The World

2(x)ist has a line of products made with soy fibers.  This material is extremely breathable and is softer than cashmere.  I can't begin to tell you how awesome these are.  It comes in grey or black, but sadly not yet offered in white.  
More info at www.2xist.com


  1. if you ever need Izola, we carry them! - Schuylar

  2. Damn it! I just bought this shower curtain online, but great to know for future Izola needs, would love to see what you guys have!! You rock my world.