08 December 2010

Street Style

Inspiration.  Where do you encounter things that speak to you?  For many of us who maintain a busy lifestyle, usually it's not something on a far-away runway that grabs our attention... it's the person walking across the street, the woman in line behind you at the movies or maybe several strangers on the elevator.  Inspiration from strangers can often be gifts that life affords you in the form of anything that gives you an idea, motivates you to try something new or makes you fall in love all over again with something you already own.  Ordinary people with extraordinary style.  

Brunette Beauty
The varying shades of brown, mixed with the bold prints and juxtaposed textures somehow don't clash.  I love this look because it's the kind of outfit that I doubt was purchased on a single shopping trip.  My instinct tells me that she found the shirt and fell in love with it, then came across the pants at a different time, then decided to pull out some accessories and effortlessly created these unique pairings with items she loves and repurposes often to create different outfits.

Structured Silhouette 
Every single angle is amazing.  Perfectly proportioned and structured, yet looks very comfortable. 

Cozy Shrug 
I love how the grey fur complements the jeans, the black jacket to the shoe.  But mainly it's the really fun proportion created by the shoulders.  I wonder if this is attached to the jacket or a piece slipped over.  My guess from the straps hanging down is that it is an extra piece, meant to be tied.  If this is the case, I like how she chose not to tie the ends, letting them hang to create more interest. 

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