08 May 2012

Steeplechase Fashion 2012

Attention Nashville ladies & gentlemen... there are just a few more days until Steeplechase on Saturday, May 12.  If you've not yet perfected your look for the races this weekend, read below and check out my segment on News Channel 2 today from The Cotton Mill in Green Hills where trends, hats, colors and all of the essential Steeplechase elements will be discussed. 

A few thoughts for the ladies:

Matching is the most traditional look: having the perfectly colored hat to match the dress to match the shoes to match the bag, etc...  I think this is classic and never goes out of style in a great royal wedding kind of way.  Know, however, that the key to your perfect outfit is to complement rather than to always coordinate.  If it is your desire to be monochromatic, go for it!  Or if you want to mix it up, go for it!  Just don't limit yourself or decide against a piece because it doesn't match perfectly.  In those cases, introduce (or eliminate) a color or texture to reduce the risk of looking dated.  

Color blocking is certainly the most current, obvious and fabulous trend now in fashion.  I challenge you to adopt an expanded view of color blocking, however.  Color blocking can exist within a single piece of clothing or by mixing various pieces.  To stay ahead of the curve, be original in your color combinations.  Be fearless to mix hot pink and red, navy and black, ecru and orange- whatever strikes your fancy.  Just be sure it looks obvious and intentional, not by accident or bad judgement.  

You'll get a great look at the best Nashville has to offer in unique and current Steeplechase options in today's segment.  Take a look for yourself at The Cotton Mill in Grace's Plaza in Green Hills.

And a few thoughts for the men: 

Nothing says Steeplechase fashion to me like Hermes neckwear.  This light blue horsebit bowtie goes quite nicely I think with the pattern of the Valentino sportcoat underneath.  It is subtle, handsome and perfectly appropriate for an afternoon of excitement at the races. 

Don't overdo it.  As impeccably dressed as I feel you should be, this day is more about the ladies.  Avoid loud pastels that look neon- go instead for more soft, regal tones.   Seersucker is always appropriate, madras is very questionable.  Helpful hint: if you can find lilac seersucker, that's a nice alternative to the traditional blue that you will see all around. Billy Reid had a fantastic suit last year, so check there for sure.  Even if they're out of seersucker I'd place a high bet they will have the perfect thing for you. 

Pocket squares, bowties and antique horse pins (remember this awesome piece? Christine Wallace Horse Pin) are among my favorite accessories for the big day, but my favorite accessory is actually unseen: CREED Millesime Imperial.  Over the years, it has become my favorite scent by far and is always the perfect addition to any of my wardrobe choices.  If you're new to CREED fragrances, also check out Neroli Sauvage which I must say is particularly nice when worn in warmer temperatures.  Available locally at Nordstrom.  

Fun at Steeplechase last year

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