30 November 2010

Repurposed: Dishes To Mirror

My visits to Mississippi never disappoint.  I love visiting with my huge family, catching up with old friends, enjoying southern food and always finding fun new things around my parents' place.  My mom, in addition to being a great artist, has a really creative mind when it comes to making unique things.  Take for instance this mirror pictured below.  

Instead of throwing out special dishes when they were replaced, became chipped or broken, she set them aside.  Eventually, the assortment contained plenty of color options and she cracked them into small pieces, placed around this vintage frame and made this mosaic mirror.  For added interest, the mirror is hung over the larger existing one to create a floating look in the guest bath.  Keep an eye out at yard sales and vintage shops for fun dishes, frames or any other pieces that you see repurposed potential in.

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