04 January 2011

Style Profile: Jaclyn Bush

The time has come for an original Style Profile feature, the first of this series in which an individual with remarkable style is profiled. For the inaugural Judson Knows Best Style Profile, one person immediately came to mind when I started to think of those who have influenced me and who possess the undeniable 'it' factor: Jaclyn Bush.

I've now known Jaclyn for five years, but it took only five seconds when we first met to realize her truly unique perspective on life and style, a knowledge of what's current, forthcoming and appropriate. Her understanding of proportion, fit and quality is unparalleled. She's known for gently pushing the envelope, showcasing new trends and pairings in ways that inspire others to fine tune or rediscover their own personal style. I would trust her forecasting of fashion above all others. Beautiful from the inside out, she never has to "try," rather she exudes a confidence and natural grace that is truly captivating. Her sense of style is ever-evolving and deepens with each life experience; a former single girl in the city on the cutting edge of fashion, she is now a married mother of two in Franklin.  I caught up with Jaclyn recently and was thrilled to interview her, passing along some of her thoughts to you all.

JKB: What makes you feel beautiful?
JB: A good dress. Two, maybe three hours at Fruition and a romantic dinner with Adam.

JKB: Who inspires you?
JB: Confident women like my mother, the most genuinly kind person I know.  She is secure within herself which allows her to celebrate the best in others, as we are all made in the image of our divine maker.
{Adam blouse with heavy embellishments, Paige Premium denim rolled above ankle, suede Cole Haan heels, large peacock pin created by family friend Sheri Mullican worn in hair, Granny's beads on wrist}
JKB: Favorite magazines?
JB: Bazaar, and don't laugh... Garden & Gun.

JKB: No laughter there. G&G is amazing- I never miss an issue. Favorite blogs or websites?
JB: apartmenttherapy.com, enjoyingthesmallthings.blogspot.com and your blog, of course.

{ J Crew blouse with gold horizontal lines, Karl Lagerfeld pants with drop waist band detailing from Saks Fifth Avenue worn rolled above ankle, suede Cole Haan heels, Granny's locket, watch and bracelets, vintage headband and earrings from personal collection}

JKB: Favorite item in your wardrobe?
JB: Orange plaid coat with fur collar. My aunt made it for my mom when she was my age; it gets cooler every year. I hope my girls fight over it someday.

JKB: What are you most passionate about?
JB: My family.

{No label oversized sweater from recent shopping outing, BCBG structured silk skirt worn above waist, BCBG patent red heels, vintage snake skin leather belt perfectly complementing blush ensemble}
JKB: Do you feel that Nashville is quick or slow to evolve, staying current with trends and styles?
JB: Quick. Many women in Nashville are daring and not afraid to be first, and the shops in town are in line with New York. Maybe not a full size run and not all colors shown, but that's the point. I've lost count how many fabulous stores this city supports.
Just look around this coffee shop and you will be inspired.

JKB: What is on your wish list at the moment?
JB: A Theory parka, brrrrr... it's cold.

JKB: Love it- Theory rules the wearable outerwear market in my opinion. Switching gears, what do you wish would disappear from existence?
JB: Cap sleeves.

JKB: Experimentation: like, love or loathe?
JB: Love. Experiementing can go really well or horribly wrong but live and learn, right?

 {Billy Reid button down with satin sleeves and asymmetrical button detailing layered over J Crew tee, distressed Seven For All Mankind A's denim, gold necklace from The Cotton Mill Collection}

JKB: What will you teach your daughters about fashion?
JB: Well, I don't know if they will care about fashion, but I want to teach them to have a positive self image and to appreciate their bodies. And if they do love clothes... Never pay full price, keep their favorites in the vault and learn to sew a little.

JKB: What a vault that will be! What would you like to tell the readers of this blog?
JB: Well, I would say freely compliment others. You never know what a person is struggling with internally, we are all battling something. A simple "you look hot" could relight a fire in a burned out person. And i would say "read on," as Judson brings all types of beauty to the surface.

JKB: Blushing. What's next for fashion?
JB: It's looking bright, my friend. I see a watermelon hue hoodie in your future.


JKB: What's next for you?
JB: Doing my best to raise lovely and kind girls. Trying to be a good wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Photography: Cameron Powell
Wardrobe Styling: Jaclyn Bush and Judson Aikens
Photography and Styling Collaboration: Becky Tennille

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  1. Great job Judson; you really captured Jaclyn! My favorite is the answer "cap sleeves". She's been wishing those out of existence since at least the late 90's!

  2. I loved this!!! Great job, Judson. And Jaclyn is just as beautiful as ever! And I totally agree, her style is so awesome, and like no one else.