12 March 2011

1920s Best Dressed Revealed: Three Blind Vines

The annual Three Blind Vines event was a huge success this year, raising funds for the revitalization of the Franklin Theatre.  I was thrilled to attend the event and judge the very popular and fierce best dressed competition.  


The winning couple happens to also be a couple in real life, Adam and Jaclyn Bush.  What I liked about their look is that it felt very authentic.  Although many dressed in 20s attire, Adam and Jaclyn truly looked like they stepped out of that time period and would be out sipping a fantastic drink in a speakeasy.  Adam's suspenders, bow tie and camel colored hat were great touches.  Jaclyn's entire look was flawless from head to toe.  A vintage dress with lace and drop waist elements was perfectly complemented by pearls and a raspberry jewel encrusted headpiece and shoes with matching bow.

Compliments of my friends at Creed, the Best Dressed Man went home with a bottle of the internationally revered Green Irish Tweed cologne. My favorite jewelry designer, Christine Wallace, created a custom pair of art deco earrings with elements from that romantic era for the Best Dressed Woman.  

A huge congratulations to my friends who organized the event and I look forward to many more years of fun. For more photos and info, click HERE

Images provided by the fabulous Mandy Johnson and Andrea Smith Farmer.  Click their names to discover more about their amazing work. 


  1. Ah, that is so cool to see your official logos printed up so nicely!! Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. Very nice Judson!!! Looks like it was an amazing event!