07 March 2011

Before & After: Closet Organization

It is quite possible that I am so ready for Spring I'm actually now cleaning in an attempt to rush its arrival.  In addition to getting settled in my own place, a friend of mine was out of town this weekend so I took the opportunity to give her closet a facelift.  

I'm excited to hear her reaction when she gets back. Below is a before & after visual. To take it from before to after, I followed (and will now share) some of my rules re: closet organization...

*Tops on top rack, bottoms on bottom rack: Helps you visualize the look in your mind before even pulling the hanger off. 

*Matching slim felt hangers, evenly spaced: Saves space and makes your closet feel like a store. Isn't that the ultimate goal? 

*Pants folded, hung in same direction: Allows you to locate your favorite pair with just a quick glance. 

*Gradient hanging: Hanging clothes from dark to light creates the cleanest appearance from the entry because your eye isn't drawn to all different colors.

*Mirror hung in closet: Necessary for self-checks between changes.

*Storage containers in open shelving: In this case I used whitewashed baskets. The neutral colors help to keep a minimal look and the clutter hidden from sight. It's also much easier to pull out the basket and sort through folded items, rather than taking everything off the shelf to find only one piece. 

*Overhead storage: Often times, people don't take full advantage of the top rack for storage.  Here, I used white pop-up boxes to store her clutches, bags and purses (lawwd she had a lot!) 

Try these tips in your closet and let me know the results.  Or if even the thought of it stresses you, call me to come do it for you!

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