29 December 2010

Inside Scoop: Destination Nashville Pillows

I've always loved black and white city-specific destination art like the subway or street signs you always see for Chicago, New York and LA, but you never really see Nashville represented.  Well, my friends at Epiphany Design Studio recognized this need and now have a new exclusive that is super cool. The pillows pictured below were designed by Epiphany for the Nashville scene.  The company that produces these specializes in destination art and worked with Epiphany to create this custom line.  

The sky is the limit with names and that is what brought Epiphany to have these made. A poll was taken to see which Nashville streets were most known and voila! The results? Lower Broad, Music Row, 2nd Avenue, Elliston Place and Printers Alley, all special places in the history of music. But why stop there? A second design was created, as Nashville is also known for some of the most famous bars in the US, including Tootsies and The Stage.  Then to accompany the two existing styles, a third was made with some of the most recognizable names to ever play in and call Nashville home. Each pillow is priced at $135 or you can customize your own with words that hold special meaning to you for only $150. Visit Epiphany to check these out in person or to design your own. You're sure to fall in love with these and all the other amazing finds in their beautiful showroom.
Epiphany Design Studio
2115 8th Avenue South 
Nashville, TN 37204

Additional scoop: Nashville inspired destination wall art is also being designed, so be sure and inquire about that if your wall could use an update. Those will be priced at no more than $330 which is a steal when you consider the destination art below from Restoration Hardware is priced at over $700 each.  

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