25 January 2011

Street Style: Christine Wallace Vintage Jewelry

As promised, I am happy to share with you the first piece of custom man jewelry by the amazing Christine Wallace.  Handcrafted from antique elements, this is a very special addition to my personal collection.  She used bird and hand charms, a little sparkle, various chains and a tassel to complement the already fabulous antique lion crest which serves as the anchor for this piece. 

It's amazing how adding just one unique item such as this to an outfit can completely transform the look from average to exceptional.  If you look back in fashion, I feel that it's more common to see brooches and the use of classically beautiful gentlemanly accessories.  My sartorial challenge to you, my forward-thinking reader, is to take pride in exploring ways to spice up a normal look by adding something unique to you, bringing back an old-world feel in a modern and memorable way. 

A very special thanks to Brett Warren for the photographs in this feature.  His talents as a photographer can easily be recognized with a look through his work, a beautiful collection from both his New York days and recent shoots in the Nashville area.  I'm amazed by his innate recognition of and ability to capture not only an image but a memory.  
To learn about Brett and view more, visit: 

Be sure to check out more of Christine's work and current items for purchase through any of the following avenues:
Website: christinewallacevintagejewelry.com
Etsy Store: etsy.com/shop/ChristineWallace
Blog: christinewallacevintagejewelry.blogspot.com


  1. WOW!!!! I Love it. It looks stunning! And it is very masculine too. Judson, I am blown away! Big difference from seeing it on the mannequin versus your lapel, Thank you for the post!!!

  2. I'm so happy that you're pleased with it, I am loving it! Can't wait for many more in the future. You rock