13 November 2010

The Perfect Drink: Pimm's Cup

It's time to share my favorite drink with you guys.  I've enjoyed making this for years and am excited to see that some places around town now have this on their drink menu.  Originally an English thing, the popularity of Pimm's Cup is spreading worldwide.  It is traditionally a drink enjoyed in the Spring and Summer months, but I would't ever complain about partaking at any point in the year.  Here's my favorite way to prepare...

1) Use a muddler to mix chopped strawberry, mint and cucumber (most important ingredient to create the crisp fresh taste) in the bottom of your glass
2) Pour desired amount of Pimm's No. 1 liqueur 
3) Add in Canady Dry tonic water bitter lemon 
4) Stir, add ice and an extra sprig of mint
5) Squeeze fresh lime juice around rim of glass 
6) Enjoy!

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