09 February 2011

Inside Scoop: Yoox Vintage

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite online shopping sites is yoox.com.  Yoox always has exciting and fresh one-of-a-kind designer items at discounted prices.  I've recently been paying attention to a part of the site I rarely noticed before, Yoox Vintage.  This hidden gem is a great source for treasures from the past in great condition, ready-to-wear.  Sourced from private collections, it's kind of like digging into an ever-evolving vault or secret stash.   You may find a cardigan from the 1940's, jewelry from the 70's or a dress you saw last year at Barney's and regret not purchasing.  Below are a few of my favorites currently available.  Visit yoox.com and explore!

Valentino silk skirt

Balenciaga wool coat

Prada silk skirt

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!! That Balenciaga Coat is TO DIE FOR!!! Love It. Thanks for the heads up on this cool place.