19 March 2011

Guest Blogger: Elise V

My friend and local fashion maven Elise V kindly accepted the invitation to guest blog for me.  In this entry, Elise discusses her love of mixing feminine styles with more masculine/androgynous pieces to create a unique look. Enjoy... 

"Judson and I first met at business school orientation.  I spotted his amazing outfit (signature bow tie) across the room.  I called my mom afterward and told her, 'I’ve just spotted a fabulous new friend. We are destined to be great friends, and we haven’t even met yet!' Thankfully, the fashion gods saw fit to place us in a marketing class together, where we became instant buddies.  Being an avid reader of Judson Knows Best, imagine my delight when my local fashion icon asked to feature ME on his blog.

The first thought that came to mind was to share my practice of mixing feminine pieces with more masculine or androgynous styles to create a unique look.  Forget the 'matchy-matchy' days where you were obligated to match your belt, bag, and shoes.  Take a cue from your favorite bartender and mix it up! For example, pairing a girly lace top under a motorcycle style leather jacket with skinny jeans and booties.

Now, onto the good stuff: Here we have a Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent blouse, which I tucked into my Haute Hippie sequined skirt.  The army green suede Vince jacket adds a slightly androgynous element to the outfit.  As far as footwear, I think you could choose either a pair of booties or platforms for this look.  


Outfit number two is an uber feminine Prada blouse (a gift from one of my favorite clients… you know who you are!) paired with a Madison Marcus skirt.  The buckle detail makes this skirt a bit more edgy, so the lady-like blouse is the perfect balance.  I am carrying a Fendi handbag.  If it were chilly, I would throw on a leather jacket or cardigan.  For the feet, a wedge sandal or platform heel would be fabulous.  

Lastly, seen here are the gender-neutral J Brand cargo pants (every woman needs at least one pair) with a very slinky and girly Madison Marcus blouse.  A pop of color is added with this Rebecca Minkoff  messenger bag and DVF booties.  I picked up the peacock feather earrings at a little boutique in Hillsboro Village called Pangea.  The bracelet is by Milly, the amethyst in the raw ring is from H. Audrey, and the other ring is by my favorite jewelry designer, Debra Jill. 

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Take these ideas and create your own outfit, which may be as refreshing as your favorite cocktail." 

To learn more about Elise, click HERE to visit her website.


  1. When it comes to "haute" but practical fashion, Elise knows best! My closet is filled with phenomenal 'this goes with that' and 'that goes with this' pieces that Elise knew would stand the test of time and fit my lifestyle and budget. Let her into your closet and you won't regret it. She'll help you make the most of your assets!

    Tricia B.

  2. The armed force green calfskin Vince boutiqueken coat adds a marginally hermaphroditic component to the outfit.