29 June 2011

Event: Floral Meets Fashion

One of my precious friends celebrated her birthday last weekend.  In addition to being a total sweetheart, she has a great eye for fashion and for locating anything cute and fabulous.  The thoughtful hostess, knowing the birthday girl well, took this into account with every detail.  For example, the cake was a custom purse-shaped treat so realistic it could be on a shelf for sale at Louis Vuitton.  Beautiful and delicious!

I was elated to be there among friends for the celebration and to help create the centerpieces.  Keeping with the purse theme, I aimed to mix floral with fashion.  An online search led me to these moss covered planters.  Then I went to my favorite local flower shop and selected a variety I thought might work nicely together for this outdoor event. 

A wide clear vase with flat top is used to raise the small purse higher, giving maximum visibility to both.  

Tall vases add an element of height.  Pink feathers add texture and also match the balloons at the event.
Import Flowers on Murphy Road is the best local source for flowers. I love that you can walk through the coolers and select your favorites.  

All packed up and ready to go!

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