04 November 2011

For The Guys: Madrid Trend: The Bold Pant

After spending a week in Madrid earlier this month, the most noticeable trend for guys I observed was the bold pant.  Everywhere I looked there were red, blue, orange, purple, green and yellow pants.  Men in Madrid are not fearful of color, that's for sure.  
Now I will say that when it comes to being classically handsome or dapper, nothing usually beats a black/grey/white combination, but the bold pant is a trend not to be overlooked.  Nashville guys sometimes break out the color, but usually in either a very preppy country club style or grungy band look. Refined casual everyday wear scarcely sees such color. My favorite, the purple pants above, I noticed from across the street on my new pal Diego.  I asked where he purchased them and to my luck & surprise, we were standing in front of the store Cremieux.  

I quickly entered the shop, was greeted with a generously delicious gin & tonic and acquired my own purple pants. I was happy to see there were many other fun finds inside as well.  This was my first time in an upscale Cremieux store; before I had only known them from smaller department stores in the states where I'd never had much luck. I was impressed with their selection of unique offerings in this Salamanca district store. 

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