20 November 2010

Industrial Chic

I have exciting news: I'm moving to a new place in December. Preparing for the move to a chic modern loft downtown has motivated me to do an overall cleanse... going through closets, prioritizing my things and taking only what I envision having a spot for.  It also has me looking around for fun ideas and solutions to a couple of problems, as the new place is somewhat spaciously-challenged. 

Problem & Solution 1: Lighting

The unit has excellent natural light with floor to ceiling windows, but at night it has the potential of being very dark, as each room only has one light.  Instead of putting multiple lamps in the living room that would require wasting space with extra end tables, I think it might be a good idea for me to use a single floor lamp to fill the room with light. I don't come across many that I like, but I'm in love with the one below.  With a glamourous off-the-movie-set look, this Visual Comfort lamp found at www.neenaslighting.com would do just the trick.

Problem & Solution 2: Book Storage

Where to put my reading, design and art books?  I would prefer to save space by not brining in a bookshelf, so I may hang a few ledges and attach grips as bookends to keep them upright and aligned.  Pictured below are grips found at www.cb2.com but you could easily find the real deal for much cheaper at a hardware or home improvement store.  


  1. P & S #1 - Very tasteful with a bit of flash.

    P & S #2 - Love it as well. This idea will be put in place either at my house or office. Judson Knows Best!

  2. hey! I hate to stalk your blog,I am just now catching up! We have been so busy. love the visual light -- if you want to buy local which Nashville is all about right now -- our price on the same lamp is $460!