19 November 2010

Make It Work: Champagne/Grey Color Combination

My new Make It Work series of blog posts (inspired by my future-self of the present, Tim Gunn) begins with this first one.  I'm excited about this because we'll find really great looks and accomplish a similar look or effect with things already in our closets.  Fun for my frugal and fiscally responsible, yet fashionable followers. 

I came across this runway picture of a guy wearing an awesome champagne jacket with grey underneath.  I LOVE champagne and grey together, so I went through my closet and tried to pull together an existing/no-purchase-required pairing to match the inspiration look.  I came up with this Dolce & Gabbana jacket, grey shirt from J Crew, grey cardigan by Shades of Greige, dark jeans by Marc Jacobs and skinny tie by Diesel.  Although not an exact match, many elements are mirrored: the color combination being the most obvious, but also the textures.  In just one look, we find a shiny coat, coarse cardigan, structured shirt, soft dark tie and overall awesome layering!  You'd be amazed what you can make work with your existing wardrobe.  It's all about mixing it up and viewing each piece in a new light.  

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  1. I am very inspired. Can't wait to create my own version!