10 September 2013

Fun Finds | Hester & Cook | Kitchen Papers

I have a new obsession: decorative papers from Hester & Cook.  Placemats, table runners, serving papers, coasters, napkins and much much more!

Exquisitely designed, these papers are the perfect unique touch to liven up your table or event.  Easy cleanup is just icing on the cake.  Here are a few ways I've used them...

Bar setup  |  Defines the area and keeps counters clean

Chargers underneath clear plastic plates  |  Sophisticated yet casual outdoor dinner

Cocktail party display  |  Invites guests to select their favorite glass

Placemats for a birthday brunch  |  Quick way to dress up the table

I'm dying to throw a party using this series featuring sketch designs of vintage couture, perfect for a bridal shower or an Oscar party! 

Visit www.HesterAndCook.com to see all of their designs and purchase your favorites.  Let me know how you enjoy them. 

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