02 November 2010

Inspiration to Reality: Warhol

This Andy Warhol canvas is very interesting to me.  The different shades of blue and brown complement each other very well.  Usually brown, black and blue are tough for me to mix, so this was a great challenge for me to style an outfit around.  

Below is a blue scarf halter dress by Stella McCartney.  Straight lines of the skirt complement those of the Warhol and the hanging scarf adds some excitement and versatility.  The shade of blue, although not an exact match to the blues in the Warhol, is very bold and engaging like the work above.  Quilted leather bag by Marc Jacobs is the perfect combination of brown and black, both colors give great depth and balance to the Warhol above and style below.  The heel by LAMB is a navy suede with brown rusched leather.  

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