04 November 2010

Repurposed: Antique French Menus as Art

I started collecting antique French menus a few years ago.  Handwritten and designed, each is very unique.  I like to think about the special occasions, romantic restaurants, family dinners and extravagant parties these must have been created for.  Aging from the late 1800s to early 1900s, these are among my favorite finds.  I wanted to find a way to use these around my place, so I decided to display them as art without spending a fortune.  I found these large frames at Target for under $20 each.  I love the frames because they have an antique look (which normally I cringe at the thought of reproductions) but the beading and faux gilt is quite amazing on these.  Then, I searched for sheets of scrapbook paper that complemented each menu to mount them on.  This is a great idea because this paper is made especially for preserving what's attached, rather than regular paper which can turn colors over time or with light exposure.  Another fun way to use menus is in a centerpiece or on miniature stands randomly placed around a kitchen or bookshelf with recipe books.  

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