22 July 2011

Summer Favorites

Vacationing at the beach this week has me thinking... what are some of my favorite Summer things out there now to share with you all?  Four immediately come to mind.

 1) The Perfect Scent
From Anthropologie, this candle is quite possibly the world's best. $28

2) Affordable Accessories
Summer is the time of year when accessories need to be cheap!  Traveling and being outdoors opens jewelry up to the elements and the risks of being lost or damaged, so inexpensive is key.  Try these bracelets (and many more) from ASOS, all under $20.  

3) Over-The-Top Heels
Ladies, don't be scared to push the limits with your footwear.  Keep the outfit simple, then shake your tailfeather (quite literally with the Dior heels pictured below.)  Good luck finding a more perfect shoe! 
4) Summer Sweaters 
One trend I've noticed for guys is mixing the seasons up.  Try a light sweater on a breezy Summer night to add an interesting texture.  Pictured below is a cashmere ecru version from 830Sign.

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