22 August 2011

Styling: Italian Vogue Selects Charlie Chaplin Image

Earlier this year, my friend and amazing photographer Brett Warren asked me to style a Charlie Chaplin inspired shoot.  It was a really fun experience and I am so proud of the images and different looks we created, presenting the character in a classic yet modern way. 

Italian Vogue is featuring up and coming photographers in their PhotoVogue competition.  Editors from the magazine and industry experts hand select their picks of all submitted images to be published online.  A few of Brett's photos have made it through the submission process including the one below!  

The gentleness of the grey shirt's rounded collar sharply contrasts Charlie's meticulous and brutal deconstruction of his lobster.  The scattered floral print in his Ralph Lauren tie is brought to life with the carnations placed in the pocket of the Marc Jacobs grey sportcoat and on the brim of his signature vintage bowler hat.
The most favored images overall will be published in the physical magazine, so please click HERE to vote.   

For more images and behind the scenes info on this particular shoot, click HERE.

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