27 August 2012

Modern Spin on Milk Glass

I recently saw this collection of white porcelain vases on Pinterest.  These similar-but-different containers immediately caught my eye, a great mixture of size and texture.  Inspired one could assume from antique pieces of milk glass, this new collection differs only in its apparent matte texture vs. the somewhat translucent quality vintage pieces have.  This set is priced appx $75. 

While in Mississippi this weekend, I came across a couple of vintage milk glass pieces I found interesting.  The goblet pictured below was $6 and the compote $1.5.  Milk glass can be a tricky thing to incorporate into your decor.  It can be a fresh and beautiful addition, but only when done tastefully.  Far too easily it could go from chic to granny.  I plan to pick up pieces from time to time at yard and estate sales with the goal of having ten to twelve by December to use in a holiday party tablescape full of these white containers filled with flowers and candy!

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