29 October 2010

Repurposed: Vintage Napkin

It's always fun when you can take a unique find and create an alternate or updated purpose. This is a quick and easy way to make the ordinary extraordinary. Take for example the vintage napkin I've used as a pocket square in the picture below. I found this napkin with a hand-embroidered grey and white "A" at a local antique shop in Franklin. In addition to having my last initial embroidered, I was drawn to this vintage piece for the incredible detail. I had this altered to be a smaller handkerchief-like size, then used as a pocket square in this navy herringbone Giorgio Armani sportcoat with gray and blue details. Under the jacket is a slim fitting Dolce & Gabbana white button-up with a subtle herringbone pattern as well.

Always keep an open eye for beautiful things. If something catches your eye and you can't immediately think of a way to use it, pick it up anyway and then play around when you're feeling creative. Or email me and I'll give some tips, then write a fun post about it!

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