09 November 2010

Q&A: Favorite Discount Websites To Shop?

A reader asks, "What are your favorite discount websites to shop?" This is easy.  My favorites are listed below. 

www.yoox.com is my favorite for many reasons.  Deep, deep discounts are on every page.  If you have a favorite designer brand, it is likely on this site.  Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Diesel, Tom Ford, Prada and many more use yoox to clean out their inventory.  It's a great way also of finding really unique pieces you may not see in the stores because they sell some clothing originally only meant for the markets overseas.  

www.asos.com is a great site that has a wide variety of clothing at all different price points.  I've found great bracelets, vests and pants on here as well as bags and scarves.  They always have a huge sale section filled with fun finds.

www.lulus.com is a fun place for girls to find great dresses and tops that are cute and cheap.  This is not the place to find high quality or well constructed pieces to last, but if you're looking for something different for a one-time use, this can be a good source.  

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